QGL is unity.

Anssi Lahteenoja


Founder, CEO

Anssi has a combined experience of over 20 years in music and film. He has ten years of film and animation production experience. He has produced and directed commercial films and music videos for popular brands and artists. Anssi also has over a decade of music business experience. He has been personally awarded as an artist, charted in the Top 10 of the Finnish Singles Charts and composed and produced music for acclaimed artists both nationally and internationally. Anssi holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration and Further Qualification in Audiovisual Communication.

Tuomas Lahteenoja


Head of Sound

Tuomas holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in audio production from SAE Institute, London, UK. His specialties are movie scores and mastering. He has composed, produced, mixed and mastered music to a broad range of global clients operating in diverse industries. Tuomas has also worked as an educator teaching audio production and technology. Tuomas holds seven Top 10 singles and has charted among Top 50 best-selling trance artists in 2014, 2015 and 2016. He performs regularly as DJ in many of today’s most popular electronic music events in, for example, Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden and UK.

Markus Lahteenoja


Strategic Consultant

M.D., M.Sc.Econ. On his free time an avid reader, thinker and classically trained pianist. Markus is a progressive-minded visionary and believer in transformational technologies and paradigms which are empowering individuals all around the globe. With vast faculties of knowledge and years of practical experience from medicine and business, one of his best traits is his inherent ability to listen to people and devise out-of-the-box solutions for complex situations.